Tai Chi was developed by Taoists whose goal it was to find the harmony between Heaven, Earth and Mankind. Health is an important factor – a healthy mind in a healthy body is what Tai Chi Chuan can give us if we are willing to spend the time and energy on it. When slowing down and focussing on our health 10 to 30 minutes a day while doing Qigong, Nei Kung, Tai Chi Weapons or Hand Form, our mental condition will, over time, find that inner peace and wellness that is so important to us in our stressful lives today.

With daily exercise and proper instruction, Wudang Tai Chi Chuan will improve your posture and provide a stronger constitution.

Tai Chi Hand Form – Dao Chuan & Health


Through the coordinated movements of the Hand Form combined with deep and relaxed breathing, as well as the contraction and expansion of the diaphragm, the Hand Form will provide the practitioner a balanced exercise for the joints and muscles. Over a longer period of time the central nervous system will be stimulated by the relaxed condition and deep concentration, which is a result from practising the Tai Chi Hand Form. This serves to improve the state of the organs in the body, as their functions are dependent on a healthy central nervous system. When we physically slow this much down, it will affect our mental constitution and provide us with the inner peace of mind that helps us prevent stress. As we practise Tai Chi our muscles will move and press against the veins, which helps force the blood back to the heart and thus improves our blood circulation. At the same time, the deep breathing we gain from doing the Hand Form causes the Diaphragm to expand out and down, as well as withdrawing in and up. It is this movement in the Diaphragm that gently massages both the liver and entrails.

Those suffering indigestion will soon feel improvement from practising Tai Chi Chuan, as the exercise that the belly muscles will get, can improve the health, especially the digestive system, improve ones appetite and prevent constipation. Especially the middle aged and the elderly can gain from this.

As the breathing is so deep, the lungs will receive more air than normal and there will be a larger supply of oxygen available which will improve the blood circulation. In direct consequence, the blood vessels will expand, which serves well the heart and entrails and which is why Tai Chi Chuan can help preventing blood clots, coronaries and many other illnesses of the heart and other organs.

Tai Chi Hand Form will improve on the general health of its practioners.

What is Tai Chi Hand Form

Energy training – Tai Chi Qigong & Health

These slow, soft and ballet-like movements of Tai Chi Qigong is good for the health and serves to strengthen your concentration, coordination, balance, breathing, blood circulation, flexibility, strengthening muscles, tendons and joints as well as the bone marrow – this said – they are especially good for women, as they help prevent osteoporosis. Tai Chi Qigong has shown good effects on many disabilities from stress, arthritis, headaches, asthma, whiplash, high blood pressure to a bad or weak back, knee problems, coronary disorders and ones health as a whole both physically and mentally.

The exercises are done in a way to always keep the “meridians” (paths of energy) open. The meridians are the paths of energy that covers the entire body, like a giant electric net, providing all parts of the body with “chi” (energy). Many of the alternative forms of treatment of the East, among them acupuncture and zone therapy, are built around these meridians.

Over a longer period, the central nervous system will be stimulated by the calm condition and deep concentration that are a result of doing the exercises of Tai Chi Qigong. This serves to improve the condition of all the organs in the body as their function are very dependant on a healthy central nervous system.

The calming effect that the Tai Chi Qigong exercises provide to its practitioners is well known in the communities of Asian Martial Arts. In the Taoist and Buddhist temples, Qigong was also used as a part of the monk’s martial arts basic training to give the practioners the mental inner peace necessary to achieve the ability to be present in the now.

Due to the character of the exercises they will provide the practitioners with a raw power that cannot be compared to anything gained from working out at a gym. When we move this slowly or are standing completely still, the muscles, joints, tendons and bones are strengthened in a gentle and controlled fashion. In this way the muscles are continuously being strengthened and stretched.

What is Tai Chi Qigong

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Internal strength – Nei Kung & health

The Nei Kung exercises have all the same positive qualities as Tai Chi Qigong, but these exercises are even more powerful. The Nei Kung exercises strengthens the body to such a degree, that after having practised the 12 Yin exercises correctly for 100 days one can withstand having a man jumping down on the stomach from 2 meters height without sustaining any damage. The main objective of these exercises are not to be able to do this demonstration, men it does say something about how important these exercises are to the organs of the body. Besides they strengthen your resolve, strength of character, discipline and health as a whole

NOTE: The exercises should only be taught directly from the Tai Chi Master.

What is Nei Kung

Tai Chi Self Defence – San Shou & Health

Tai Chi self defence is somewhat faster than Tai Chi hand form, Tai Chi Qigong and Nei Kung and will provide the practitioner with another form of exercise. As the tempo is taken up a notch, it will improve condition and heart/circuit. It is said that you practise Tai Chi self defence to avoid fighting. First of all your lust for fighting is decreased, you get worked off at practise and secondly you gain more confidence from practising self defence and muggers rarely go after those that exudes confidence..

Self defence also improves the general health, timing, coordination, concentration, focus, self confidence, condition, the ability of being present in the now of the practitioner and of course the ability to defend one self.

What is Tai Chi Self Defence

Tai Chi Pushing Hands – Tui Shou & Health

The Wudang Tai Chi Chuan Pushing Hands exercises are primarily constructed to improve your skills in close quarter combat, but they also improve on the practitioners general health, coordination, concentration, timing, focus, condition, circulation and due to the character of the stances they especially strengthens the legs, back, shoulders and arms.

The Pushing Hands exercises are fantastic way to practise the skill of relating to the surroundings. When practising with a partner you cannot decide for him what to do, but has to relate to what he does and react accordingly so as not to loose the connection. This also happens in our everyday lives, if you are not conscious of your surroundings and relate to them, you will perish in the end…

What is Pushing Hands

Tai Chi Weapons – Bing Qi & Health

The weapons we practise at Practical Tai Chi Chuan DK have many various advantages of health, depending how they are performed. You can either do them slow or fast depending on what you wish to achieve that day, week or month you practise it. Wudang Tai Chi Sabre, Sword or Spear forms are typically faster and more athletic than those of other styles, but it depends a lot on who is doing the form.

When practising the Wudang Tai Chi Sabre, Sword or Spear, you especially strengthen the legs, back, shoulders and arms. You improve on your general health, coordination, concentration, timing, focus, condition, circulation, flexibility, speed, determination, strength of character and discipline.

What is Tai Chi Weapons

Health advantages in general of Tai Chi

As Tai Chi Chuan strengthens the central nervous system, improves blood circulation, stimulate the function of the heart and organs as well as your digestion, it is safe to say that it improves our circulation and helps to prevent many diseases. It is part of the human nature, that we need oxygen and all kinds of nutrients. After several processes they are led out into the body by the bloodstream. Once they have undergone a physical and chemical process, part of them are discharged as waste material. This process is called the circuit and without it, the spark of life would cease to exist. If the circuit does not function as it should, arteriosclerosis and other illnesses can occur, as is often the case in the elderly.

Anyone can do Tai Chi, no regard of age, gender, condition, size and background.