Before contacting one of our instructors of the clubs, it may be a very good idea to see if you might find the answers to one or more of your questions at this page.


Question: Can I start even though it’s in the middle of the season?
Answer: Yes, if there’s a spot in the class, but we normally start the beginner’s class at January and September. Ask the instructor at your local club.

Question: How do I sign up?
Answer: Contact the instructor of the club where you wish to practise.

Question: Should I contact the instructor before coming for a free try out?
Answer: Yes, it might be a good idea since there might not be an opening on the class.

Dress code

Question: What clothes should I wear for practise?
Answer: Loose comfortable clothes.

Question: Should I wear any specific shoes for practise?
Answer: You can practise barefooted, but we recommend indoors practise shoes partly because of the risk of infection with foot warts and such.

Question: Where can I buy club T-shirts, Tai Chi outfits, trousers, shoes etc.?
Answer: You can purchase such through the instructor in your club or find it on the Internet. We deal with both Nippon Sport and Budo Sport (shops in Copenhagen).


Question: My son would like to start, is there room in the class? He’s only 12 years old, is Tai Chi something for him?
Answer: Normally you have to be 15 years old, but contact the instructor of the club where he would like to start.

Question: Is there any age limitations?
Answer: Other than being 15 years old, there are no restrictions.

Question: How old are the member of the clubs?
Answer: It varies greatly from club to club, but we have classes, in which the age varies from 15 to 80 or more, so it’s never too late to start with Tai Chi. At the fighting classes the average age is of course somewhat lower.


Question: I have had some injuries, do you think I can keep up at practise?
Answer: Yes, but make sure to tell your instructor about your injuries if they are of a more serious character.

Question: How should my physical condition be before starting?
Answer: There are no demands, anyone can participate.

Question: Can you tell me a little about what Tai Chi is?
Answer: Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art, mostly known for it’s slow, soft movements as most have seen on TV when groups of Chinese move in slow motion in the morning in parks. Tai Chi is furthermore a highly effective martial art whose entire philosophy has been built around Yin and Yang, the two opposites.

The philosophy of Tai Chi is that the soft can defeat the hard and vice versa. That i.e. a smaller person can defeat one much larger if he understands to utilize the power of the opponent. The Tai Chi system includes hand form (the slow series), Qigong, Nei Kung, Self-defence, Pushing Hands, Sabre, Sword, Spear and Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan Form.

Question: What is my gain from practising Tai Chi?
Answer: The PTCC DK clubs are places for both the young and the old because it is fun, because it is physical and mentally giving, and because, through self-defence, you become more confident. The Tai Chi form, which is the foundation to anything we do, is a series of fluent movement, which gives you a fantastic sense of inner peace and wellness, flexibility and balance. Tai Chi gives you several advantages in relation to your health. Some of the most important being that you improve your coordination, concentration, and balance both physically and mentally, strengthen your muscles, tendon, joints and bones. The Tai Chi exercises works for the body as a whole both physically and mentally.

Question: Is Tai Chi good for the health?
Answer: Yes, Tai Chi is without a doubt good for your health. Through time there has been made many studies and some of them says, among many things, that by doing Tai Chi you can lower a high blood pressure and improve digestion. Tai Chi is recommended by many Physiotherapists as rehabilitation as you are moving slowly in order stay in control while the exercises enhances the muscle stability. Several students through time have noted improvement on their asthma and allergies. One of the most important properties is certainly the inner peace that Tai Chi can provide. A perfect tool in our stressed world. The Tai Chi exercises are designed to let the energy (Qi) flow freely in our meridians (paths of energy) to let the exercises affect our bodies as a whole both physically and mentally.

The Instructors

Question: What education does the instructors have?
Answer: All instructors have been educated in the PTCC DK by Sifu Torben Rif. We (PTCC DK) demands much of our instructors and demands that they, as a minimum, every second year have to pass both the theoretical and practical tests for their current level. This means that we by high demands maintain the high standard of teaching.


Question: What does it cost?
Answer: the fee may vary slightly from club to club, see the practical information for the single club.

Question: Are there a discount for those retired?
Answer: It varies from club to club, see the practical information for the single club.

Question: Are there a discount for students?
Answer: It varies from club to club, see the practical information for the single club.

In general

Question: Should I bring anything in particular for practise?
Answer: nothing special – your good humour, lots of energy and maybe a bottle of water.