Become a member of Practical Tai Chi Chuan Denmark and get a 20% discount on all goods at

PTCC DK Membership discount of 20%

As a member of Practical Tai Chi Chuan Denmark (PTCC DK) either through one of our registered clubs or as a personal member you receive a 20% discount at

To get the members discount, you need the discount code of your club, which you can get from the instructors there.
Personal members get their discount code directly from Torben Rif
A personal membership costs 100,- DKK every half year.

Furthermore, the membership of PTCC DK gives you a discount on several courses and workshops within PTCC DK.
If you wish to become a personal member of PTCC DK, please contact Torben Rif
Transfer the 100,- DKK to the account of PTCC DK: 9551 0002033720 and you will receive a discount code by mail.

Sifu Torben Rif

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