The Tai Chi Basic Instructors Education – Chinese Martial Arts Instructor

Internationally renowned Tai Chi instructor with authority, breadth of view, inner peace and command.
Tai Chi Instructor with a wide practical and theoretic knowledge of Tai Chi as a martial art and as energy practise/Health exercises.
After having completed and passed the Basic Instructors education you will have the opportunity to start classes with one of the club in PTCC DK, start your own club or work professionally for Torben Rifs Tai Chi School.

  • Do you experience challenges in developing your Tai Chi skills?
  • Are you in need of practise partners at the same level or higher than yourself?
  • Do you dream of being engrossed in the philosophy and the energy of Tai Chi?
  • Do you sometimes lack the motivation for your practise?

The Tai Chi basic instructors education is developed to lighten your challenges and frustrations. You will be working with Tai Chi practitioners at your level and work closely with the highest certified instructor in Denmark.

You will improve your skills at a very high rate and with the energy of the education you will become motivated to become an even better Tai Chi practitioner with all the benefits of health that follows.

Have you taught or practised dancing, gymnastics or fitness and wish to try new challenges or supplement your current classes, the Tai Chi instructors education will be a perfect combination.

If you are walking with a dream of becoming and instructor of the Chinese art of movement, then the Tai Chi instructor education is a perfect opportunity.

  • Internationally acknowledged Tai Chi Instructor
  • Certified Tai Chi Instructor of PTCC DK
  • Become a member of the Practical Tai Chi Chuan Instructors Team
  • Opportunity to make a professional career
  • Strong health in harmony and balance


The Tai Chi instructor education of PTCC DK is completely unique and with a passed education you will have the option of practising with the very best of Denmark’s instructors on the PTCC DK advanced instructor education, headed by Tai Chi Master Torben Rif.

Contents of the education:

Tai Chi Chuan theory, practical and history
Dao Chuan (Hand form – square)
San Shou (15 self defence techniques)
Tui Shou (Pushing Hands)
Qigong (Energy practise)
Pedagogic of teaching
Club management, ethics, morals and responsibility
First aid/sports injuries

Curriculum module 1 – Jing (Essence)
Basic short Hand form (Square)
Basic principles of stances, postures and Tui Shou (Pushing Hands)
9 basic Qigong exercises
5 self-defence techniques
Basic theory: History, Qigong, Dao Chuan (Hand form), San Shou (Self defence) and Tui Shou (Pushing Hands)

Curriculum module 2 – Ming (Understanding)
Tui Shou: Seven Star Step, Single Hand and free Tui Shou (Pushing Hands)
Basic short Hand Form (square and round) + 5 additional self-defence techniques
Tai Chi 18 Qigong, Brush Knee Twist Step (square) and warm up exercises
Basis theory: History, Qigong, Dao Chuan, San Shou and Tui Shou

Curriculum module 3 – Zhi (Knowledge)
Management, breadth of view, usage and education of assistant instructor etc.
Short Hand Form (square and round) + 5 additional self-defence techniques
Tui Shou: Nine Palace, Four Directions and Fu Yang, Brush Knee Twist Step (round) and warm up exercises
Theory: Tui Shou and San Shou
First aid/sports injuries

Tai Chi Basic Instructors education 2013-2015
The next Tai Chi basic instructors education starts on the 31st of August 2013.
The basic education runs over 3 modules spread over 2½ years….

Instructional material included in the price:
1 book – Complete Tai Chi Chuan by Dan Docherty
1 Booklet – Wudang Tai Chi Chuan Hand Form 34 by Torben Rif
1 DVD – Tai Chi 9 Qigong
1 DVD – Tai Chi 18 Qigong
1 DVD – Wudang Tai Chi Chuan Short form and self-defence
1 instructor’s chateque with additional papers

Fruit, bottled water and lunch each day on the courses

Instructor at the education:
Sifu Torben Rif – 30 years of experience in Martial Arts and teaching – see more at

We have high standards about quality and wish only to work with the best.
To be admitted you must partake in a 5 day intensive summercamp, at which you will learn the entire curriculum and gain a thorough insigt of the Qigong exercises.
The instructors will evaluate your abilities, personality, bodyawareness, talent and possible skills as an instructor.

You can find much more about the Tai Chi/Qigong Summercamp
at our homepage, where you can also sign up – CLICK HERE

(There are only 50 spots on the summercamp, so make your reservation now.)

Signing up:
Cannot happen until the admission exams at the summercamp has been passed.