Instructors Exam passed

From the left: Sifu Torben Rif, Peter Gyde Hansen In the weekend, june 8-9th 2013, Instructor at PTCC Silkeborg, Peter Gyde Hansen, has partially passed his exams as a Qigong Instructor. At the Summercamp 2013 he will take his exams in the final 2 Qigong series. The Instructors Education has spanned 2 1/2 years over […]

New Instructors levels

From the left: Peter Gyde Hansen, Liane Johansen og Michael Johansen. This weekend June 8-9th 2013, PTCC Vejle had 3 Instructors graduating their Instructors exams. Michael Johansen is now a level 3 Tai Chi Instructor. Liane Johansen and Peter Gyde Hansen are now Qigong Instructors. Peter Gyde Hansen has yet to pass exams in 2 […]

Summercamp – SOLD OUT

It has happened. The Tai Chi and Qigong Summercamp is sold out. If you were too late, you can sign up to the waiting list and hope that a spot will open for you. Click here: Sold out, but if you wish to join our waitinglist, click here (formular in danish)    

PTCC Viborg